Parent’s Meetings

Parents meetings will be being held throughout November 2017.  Parents meetings are approximately 10/15 minute slots booked to discuss your children’s progress and development. However, detailed information is also included within your child’s summary or two-year progress check, which will be included in your child’s Learning Diary.  Learning Diaries will be available to take home alongside Parents Meeting appointments.

To book your parents meeting please click here: Parent’s Meetings This link will take you to the ‘Eventbrite’ website where you can book your appointment as follows:-

When you are re-directed to the Eventbrite website:

  • Please click on ‘register’ and follow the on-screen  instructions after selecting an available time slot.
  • Please include your child’s name and their key person when booking your appointment.
  • Remember to ensure that your child’s key person is available on your chosen day/time slot. This is visible on the ordering page on the website.
  • Please do not book more than one appointment, unless you are booking for more than one child.
  • As 4.00pm appointments are limited, these are on a first come first serve basis. Please do not book these appointments if you are able to attend at another time.

We hope that this system and flexibility of appointments meets your requirements. However, if you have any problems regarding the parents meetings please contact a member of staff. Please can we also remind parents to return their child’s learning diary by the end of November 2017 so that we can continue to track their progress and keep information up to date.