Red Room

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The Red Room (3+ Years)

Children join our pre-school room from 3+ years. Previous experiences are extended
and independence is further promoted. As concentration and language skills develop, the
practitioners involve children in planning activities around their interests. Staff encourage and nurture self-help skills and develop dispositions for learning which prepares your child for school and the outside world. To help achieve these skills we concentrate on topic work and other activities like music, drama, stories, creative activities, games, small world construction and discussions. Nursery staff recognise the importance of developing each child’s opinions and views, encouraging children to listen to their peers as well as the adults and to take turns,work constructively together, philosophise, have an opinion and develop mutual respect.Sometimes we support learning by going out into the community on trips. This together develops opportunities for critical and creative thinking, confidence to ask questions in an environment that listens and where, as a consequence, reasoning skills gradually develop an understanding of their world. This all encompasses the ethos of Downs Park; that care and education evolves from more than words and numbers.