This page allows parents/carers to write testimonials or comments on our website. Please click on ‘Reply’ and input your details along with your review of Downs Park Day Nursery. We thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback.

5 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. As a parent with 2 children at Downs Park Nursery for nearly 4 years we have nothing but the highest praise for the staff and learning environment. We have seen both our children develop beyond are high expectations and it is an absolute pleasure to see how they have developed from babies to young boys.

    All the staff we have had contact with are a pleasure to deal with and we trust them implicitly with our children. They instil incredibly important values in the children and they nurture them towards being rounded and grounded individuals.

    The nursery offers a wide range range of activities which keep the children engaged throughout the day and the catering facilities are very good.

    We would recommend (and we have) the nursery to anyone wanting to put their child there.

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  2. Such an amazing nursery. I wouldn’t think twice about recommending it. My girls have been so happy and thrived there. The staff are friendly and honest and I trust my girls to them without having to doubt whether they are being looked after and cared for. The food (cooked on site) is varied and appropriate. The activities are fantastic with lots of opportunity to get outside. I go to work knowing my girls are safe and happy. Thank you to all the staff.

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  3. I have visited Downs park several times and have always been impressed by the professionalism and high standards of the staff. They show real commitment to the well being and education of the children. This is reflected in the happy atmosphere, where staff and children are engaged and welcoming.


  4. I moved down to Bristol, knowing very few people. I wanted to get my son (14 months) settled into a new nursery as quickly as possible. Within days he was skipping through the doors, and has done ever since. The sfaff are so friendly, caring and knowledgable. I have full trust and confidence in the care, and the attention that they give the children.

    The staff keep me well informed on my child’s development on a daily basis, so I feel well connected with what is going on. The children have a wonderful time, and all the activities are well planned out.

    Of course all children are different, but my son is growing into a kind, confident and happy child and I’m sure a lot of that is credit to Downs Park Nursery!!

    I could not recommmed the nursery highly enough.

    Nicola Spencer


    • Down’s Park Day Nursery is like a home from home. My daughter is 4 and has been going to nursery since she was 11 months old, and before her, my older daughter attended also. The staff are so welcoming and affectionate, and they have such a shared enthusiasm for all the children. They have offered nothing short of excellent care and attention for my daughters.


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